Hub City Regional

624 set to take the field

624 ready for match.

Our 2017 Robot: Nautilus

624 at FRC Championship Houston

624 pick up another robot in the end game.

Our 2016 Robot: Brimstone

El Paso Regional 2018

Regional winners pose for the camera.

Team Photo of 624

Team 624 Lone Star Regional 2018

CRyptonite are a team of 75 Cinco Ranch High Schoolers, who yearly build robots for the FIRST Robotics Competition. Read More

Alamo Regional

Robot Inspirational Meeting

4 624 robots on the Robert Shaw Center field.

Science Day Camp

Science Day Camp

CRyptonite hosts a Science Day Camp to teach 140 elementary and junior high students about science and technology. Read More

CRyptonite is a robotics team from Cinco Ranch High School in Katy, Texas
Team Motto: "Engineering a Path to our Future"
Unparalleled Learning
Building Robots

The 90+ high school members of CRyptonite Robotics learn to design and build a robot to tackle challenging problems. Not only are mechanical and engineering skills taught, but also valuable skills such as teamwork, communication, and leadership.

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Making an Impact
Community Impact

We are committed to taking our excitement in science and technology out to our community. From robot demonstrations at local sporting events to canned food drives to elementary education initiatives, we always strive to make an impact.

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Part of a Global Phenomenon

We are just one of the 5,784 robotics teams that make up the global organization called FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology). This is a rapidly expanding program that reaches hundreds of thousands of students each year.

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Bechtel collaboration day
CRyptonite, along with other Bechtel sponsored teams Team 5892, Energy Heroes, and Team 4693, RoboSpartans met at the RSC to discuss strategy and talk about their progress in building their competition robot. The day started with a presentation from Bechtel Engineer, Matt Vogele___ and then each team gave a talk about their design process. We then gave tThe visiting team was then given a tour of the RSC and the 624 bay. Afterwards, the teams split up to test and work on their robots.; Much pizza was consumed.
CRyptonite Hosts Emerson Executives at Robert Shaw Center
News Image Following our successful Science Day Camp at an Emerson office over the summer, CRyptonite recently hosted 3 executives from Emerson at the Robert Shaw Center. We gave them an overview of FIRST and CRyptonite and a guided tour to various stations where team members demonstrated the skills they’ve gained, such as fabrication, CAD and electrical. We also highlighted the curriculum we created to help develop these skills and showed a video we created for last year’s Chairman’s Award. The tour ended with a demonstration of robots from previous competitions and the Emerson executives driving the bots. Emerson is a leading global provider of automation solutions to the process, industrial, commercial and residential markets. We hope very much to see Emerson again soon! More photos are available at
CRyptonite's Very Own Mock Kickoff!
News Image On the 15th of December, team 624 held a mock kickoff from 12:00 to 2:30 to help prepare new members for the upcoming season's kickoff. Anuraag Routray, Matt Duong, and Alex Dial were the main presenters, going into action creating a presentation showcasing what should be prioritized at an actual kickoff. The event had 37 members; 15 of those were new to Team 624. The presentation was accompanied by a smaller version of 2016's Stronghold game manual and other tools accessed at a kickoff to further give members a better in-depth experience and knowledge of what truly happens during the real event. The training session ended with a closer look upon Armada; a past robot that was made for Stronghold. Students learned about the past mistakes that accompanied Armada, preparing them for next season's game. To end the article, team 624 would like to acknowledge the three members who gave alot of effort to accomplish an event; thank you.
Team 624 submitted the "Destination: Deep Space" Safety Anim
Another busy week for Team 624 with the wrap-up and submittal of our Team 624 FIRST Safety Animation Video for judging. The Animation Team (lead by Alex Dial) and Safety Team (lead by Andy Hassun) worked closely to create the attached Safety Animation Video following the theme of “Destination: Deep Space” and the FIRST focus on workplace safety. Congratulation to Alex, Andy, and all those who contributed to this effort. Sometime early next year we will hear from FIRST on who was the overall winner of the Safety Animation! We have our fingers crossed!Here is the link to the completed safety animation stored on our picture gallery page.
Congratulations on the Katy-CRyptonite FIRST Lego League Com
News Image Wow, what a weekend!!! Team 624 just completed hosting its annual Katy-CRyptonite FIRST Lego League (FLL) Qualifier! This year Team 624 hosted 27 teams, more than we have had in the past, in the Katy-CRyptonite Qualifier. As expected, Team 624 CRyptonite put on a high quality event that allowed the teams to showcase their hard work in Teamwork, Research, Robot Design, and Robot Performance. From their performance, 9 teams won advancement tickets to move forward to the East Texas Regional Competition to be held at Stafford High School this spring.Thank you to everyone who volunteered for the event. We had over 40 students and 30 adults helping in areas such as refereeing, judging, practice field oversite, robot demonstrations, and concessions. Without everyone's help, this event would not have been possible!Over the next week, more and more pictures will continue to be added to the Gallery linked below. Thanks for the mentors and students that took these pictures! Go Team 624!-Anuraag Routray: Student Coordinator for Katy-CRyptonite Qualifier-Mike Outlaw: Adult Coordinator for Katy-CRyptonite Qualifier

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